What’s going on…

I apologize on the frequency of my posts as of late.  I’m currently working on a number of items; arranging book signings, writing short stories for my ‘short story collection’, discussing a ‘theme’ for a book with two other authors, a possible television appearance, reading books and writing reviews for Withersin Magazine and some other odds and ends. 

– Book Signings – I should have some updated information from the publisher in the next week to update you all on.  The book signing originally scheduled at Heidelberg College (Tiffin, Ohio) has been moved to October 24th.

– Short Story Collection – As you might remember from a back post, I was originally going to write a number of shorts to amount to 50K words.  Although, the more I thought about it the more I thought it would be nice for the book to be a bit longer than 200 pages (25K words in a manuscript is about 100 pages in a type-setted book).  So, I decided to write a few additional shorts to beef up the book’s length.  Right now I am at about 60K words and have decided to write two more (one will actually be co-wrote with my sister, Sue) and in the end will total about 70K or a little more.

– Book Collaboration – Still hashing out some ideas with the two other authors.  I plan to devote all my writing time to this, once I am done writing the shorts for the collection.

– Television Appearance – Can’t say much about this now.  If everything works out, I’ll give you the details at that time.

– Book Reviews – Submitted another review to Withersin Mag a few days ago and should be published on their site soon – I’ll let you know once available.  Currently reading House Infernal by Edward Lee.


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