A Question from the Front Lines

I’ve been asked this quite a bit after getting published for the first time last year.  The question comes from a variety of places – family gatherings, via email, book signings, message boards, etc. 

I’ve written a (short story, novel, novella, etc.) where should I submit it?

While I won’t bore you with the total list of places I have submitted (rejected or accepted) in the past (and yes, you should keep a running list where you submit and the outcome), I will provide you with what is highly regarded as the two best places to search for submission openings (I use these myself):

Duotrope (my personal favorite)


So dust off that story and start sending out it!  You never know when you might get that email saying, ‘Yes, we would like to publish your story’.  Quite simply, it’s the best feeling in the world.  Well, at least if you’re talking about writing that is.

Good Luck!


One thought on “A Question from the Front Lines

  1. I can vouch for Duotrope and Ralan. I’ve sold dozens of short stories through those venues.

    Ah, I can still remember the days of waiting for the latest annual Fiction Writer’s Market to be published in March. No more waiting nowadays.

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