Another Coffee Shop Movie

I mentioned awhile back that I scored at the coffee shop, picking up three old-school horror flicks.  Well, I just watched another today, Wolfman (1979), written and directed by Worth Keeter and staring Earl Owensby, Kristina Reynolds, Julian Morton, Sid Rancer and Ed Grady.  By far, Ed Grady was the biggest name in the film, staring in; The Notebook, Dawson’s Creek, Children of the Corn III, Matlock, among others.  In all, Grady has stared in more than sixty movies and television shows.

From the back of the movie:

An early 20th century family has been under the spell of an evil and ancient bane.  Colin Glasgow comes home to bury his father who died after a long illness…or was he murdered?  Colin discovers his father’s will has been altered.  His investigation leads him to his father’s grave for answers.  After discovering his father was under the curse of the werewolf, he finds the spell is being kept alive by the mysterious Reverend Leonard (Ed Grady) who performs santanic rituals along with Colin’s cousins.  Colin falls under this spell after being attacked by wolves in the graveyard.  Even though he remains under this spell, he fights to break this evil curse and release his family from their awful fate.

This movie was just OK.  Even being only fifty cents, I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I had known ‘how’ it was.  But, hey, don’t take my word for it.  If you ever see it in one of those 50-cent bins, pick it up and give it a try…then again, maybe not…unless it’s marked down to 25-cents…and even then…nah!


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