Lauren Conrad pens a novel – WTF?!

Tell me it ain’t so!  Lauren Conrad, star of The Hills, has written a novel, L.A. Candy, which was due out in stores on June 16th. 

Believe it or not – it is about a girl who moves to Los Angeles  for an internship and winds up being the subject of a reality show…humm…sound familiar?  If you want to see some photo’s of Conrad, her book and read an excerpt (though, I have no idea why you would want to), click here

As far as I’m concerned, this is a prime example of another one of these ‘stars’ writing a book, that more than likely can’t write worth a lick and getting published (but will ultimately sell a crap load of them) all because of their name.  Oh, and is it just me or does Conrad look like a bobble-head these days or what?  Damn, why do I even care?!


5 thoughts on “Lauren Conrad pens a novel – WTF?!

  1. Did Conrad even write it? I remember rumors that her fashion line–is there anything this girl won’t schill–was designed by someone else. I would not be surprised to hear there was a ghost writer involved. Though, if the book is as terrible as I suspect, Conrad can take full credit, I’m sure.

    In any case, if I see it in the library, I’m going to read it just to see how awful it might be.

  2. It’s a sad fact, though in some cases, it isn’t about the worth of a said book, but whether it can shift a few copies. Since she’s an actress, I guess the publishers figure that it’s guaranteed extra press in areas that don’t normally cover books, and also guaranteed to shift a few extra copies.

    For me, the publisher’s logic doesn’t work. If you can build up an author’s fanbase over a period of time through several works, then that has much more longevity. After all, it isn’t as though this Lauren Conrad will be writing books in ten years time. Least if they praise up a talented author, they’re making a long term investment.

  3. Adam, I agree. I’m sure a few did get rejected for Conrad’s trash. I say; if you’re a writer – write. If you’re an actor/reality star/etc, etc – do that and let people that actually care about the written word pen a novel.

  4. Which leads to the fact that nothing is about integrity it is all about money. How many kick ass books got rejected for that garbage?

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