Quickening – The Zombie Raver Prom

Do you live in or driving distance from Cleveland, Ohio and are looking for something unique to do on Halloween?  Well, I might have your answer right here.

Deepinit Productions is housting : Quickening – The Zombie Raver Prom in a massive 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio on Halloween.

So, if you’re into dancing, raving, drinking and just plain getting crazy to some music, you can learn more about the event and the admission costs by visiting here (Facebook page) and/or here (you can see an electronic flyer on this site).

Enjoy…and who knows…perhaps you’ll see me there as well…maybe.

Lauren Conrad pens a novel – WTF?!

Tell me it ain’t so!  Lauren Conrad, star of The Hills, has written a novel, L.A. Candy, which was due out in stores on June 16th. 

Believe it or not – it is about a girl who moves to Los Angeles  for an internship and winds up being the subject of a reality show…humm…sound familiar?  If you want to see some photo’s of Conrad, her book and read an excerpt (though, I have no idea why you would want to), click here

As far as I’m concerned, this is a prime example of another one of these ‘stars’ writing a book, that more than likely can’t write worth a lick and getting published (but will ultimately sell a crap load of them) all because of their name.  Oh, and is it just me or does Conrad look like a bobble-head these days or what?  Damn, why do I even care?!

Night School – Book Trailer

I mentioned awhile back about having a Book Trailer done for Night School.  Well, Warren Provencal with Shadetree Films has completed the project and has sent it onto me – and I think he did a bang up job!  The trailer is currently being uploaded to various sites on the internet, but you can view it NOW on my You Tube page, by clicking HERE.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

If after viewing the trailer, you want to buy the book, visit the Storefront.