Paco Ahlgren’s Discipline

As many of you are well aware, I started writing Night School in the early part of 2008.  It was then published in November of the same year.  Before that, I was a fan of the horror genre in general.  But, it wasn’t until I read Discipline by Paco Ahlgren that I really started to entertain the idea of writing a novel, myself.

Since I first read Paco’s novel at the end of 2007, he and I have become good friends and I am even more excited for him now, as his book was recentely optioned for the bigscreen.

So, if you are a fan of horrific or scifi tales, I would suggest checking out his website and then heading over to your local bookstore or online to pick up a copy.

Again, Congrats Paco.  You’re a hell of an author and friend and you deserve it!


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