Just a Reminder…

Since bringing this site live late last year, I’ve had a great number of page hits with people coming on to find out more about me and my work.  Because of this, I’ve registered on two different sites as well – YouTube & Facebook in the last four months.

On the YouTube site, you can view a one minute book trailer to Night School. On the Facebook page, you can get a little more personal view into my daily life and wanderings (some fans of authors, etc, like this sort of thing, though I’m not sure exactly why).

In any event, I wanted to remind you of both of these pages, along with a reminder that you can view a list of all my published works and interviews on Published/Upcoming Works (you can also access free stories via links on this page) and then head on over to the Storefront to find out where to purchase my novel, magazines my short stories have appeared in, buy a Night School t-shirt or the Night School Knife.



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