R.I.P. J.D. Salinger

Reclusive US novelist J.D. Salinger, who became a giant of American literature with his legendary work “The Catcher in the Rye,” has died at 91, his agent said Thursday.


The last two weeks…

I’ve been extremely busy over the past two weeks. 

During this period of time; the two-novella collection that I was writing with Adam P. Lewis was edited and submitted to a publisher for consideration, my ‘monster’ (no, I’m still not telling you what ‘kind’ of creature it is) novel was completed at 80k words, and finally, I’m currently about half-way through writing my novella for The T.D.T Project – I expect to finish the this by the end of next week.  Then I will be going back to the ‘monster’ novel to edit it and prepare it for submission.  After that; I will either be starting another novella (working with another author, again) or a yet-to-be-decided novel.  I’m not sure which.

Of course the above work doesn’t include the other various projects in the near future; my column with Hellnotes that’s beginning on Feb. 15th, starting to teach a class on writing horror at the University of Akron (Ohio) on Feb. 16th, pitching a short story collection to a publisher, trying to finalize a deal with a distributor on Cake Batter and the other projects and deals I’m continuingly discussing with a variety of folks.

So, until I announce the future release of my next book, short story or movie, how about heading over to Published Works and check out what’s already out (there are some links on the page where you can read a few shorts and interviews for free) and then head over to the Storefront and pick up a book or a magazine.

So You (STILL) Want To Be A Horror Writer?

As you know, beginning on February 16 – March 16, I will be teaching a 5-week class at the University of Akron (Akron, Ohio) on how to write and get your stuff published in the horror genre.  The class name is: ‘So You Want To Be A Horror Writer? – How to Write Scary Stuff and Get it Published!’.  The once-a-week-class will meet on Tuesdays from 6-8p.m.  You can find more information and sign up for the class here.

Now even better news.  Because the class is so unique (no other college or university in Ohio offers something like this in the horror genre that I’m aware of), the department of Workforce Development and Continuing Education at U of A, will be offering the class during their Summer semester as well.  It will be another 5-week class and will run from June 8 – July 6 on Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m.

So, if you can’t make the Spring semester offering of the class, check out their website in a few months and enroll in the next one.  Hope to see you there!

R.I.P. Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker, who is largely responsible for the rejuvenation in the 1970s of the hard-boiled genre of crime fiction, died today at his desk at his Cambridge, Mass., home, it was reported. He was 77 years old.

The next project cometh…

Those of you that follow me on Facebook (link to your right) already know that I recently completed writing the ‘monster’ novel.  It came in at 80k words, which should equate to around 300 pages in book form.  Now that that is out of the way, it’s time to move onto the next project…

The T.D.T Project

FAQs Page

I’ve noticed over the past several months those of you that visit this site don’t click on the FAQs page very often.  This means that either you’ve read it before or just don’t care what I’ve got to say.  In any event, I’m now reaching out to you and asking the question – should it stay as part of the website (and you can ask me via email some new questions to answer) or should I delete it altogether? 

Your choice.  Vote now!

A few reminders…

Beginning mid-February, I will be teaching a class on writing and publishing in the horror genre at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio.

How to score a $15.00 off coupon from admission at the National Haunters Convention in PA during the last weekend in April/first weekend in May where I’ll be the Horror Writer Guest of Honor.