A Yearly Ritual

Today is my birthday – I’m 33 to be exact.  One year ago, I did a post with the same title – A Yearly Ritual – where I looked at what I currently have going on and my goals for the next 12 months.  Well, instead of listing the seven…yes, that’s 7 books, I have coming out in the next year and a half (as of right now – though I am extremely close to signing a contract to book #8) you can check out everything that’s forthcoming under the Published Works page.  Needless to say – I think I’ve exceeded my goals from last year.

So, what’s in store for the next 12 months, you ask?

  • Have an already completed novella picked up by a ‘certain’ publisher
  • Have an already completed novel picked up by a ‘certain’ publisher
  • Continue to pitch a novella idea to a ‘certain’ publisher
  • Continue to pitch a column idea to a ‘certain’ magazine
  • Finalize a novella idea to a ‘certain’ publisher
  • Sign on the dotted line for previously mentioned book #8 in the coming week or two
  • Finish the short stories for my 2nd short story collection, On Dark, Lonely Nights
  • and last but not least…continue to turn-in all completed mss to my publishers on time (which they all know I’m good for!)

Yes, yes, before you even comment and say something such as, “what’s up with all the vague stuff.”  All I can say is, “you’ll just have to wait and see, because this is the name of the game right now…and that you’ll be happy you stuck around for the ride.”

And to the 100+ birthday wishes on Facebook…I thank you!!


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