Relics & Remains – Author List

I announced here about, Relics & Remains, the upcoming anthology of short stories that will be released in March 2011 by Dark Quest Books.  I will be the sole Editor on the project and have decided to make this particular anthology ‘Invite Only’.  As you can imagine from the title – the 14 stories that will be contained in the book will deal with cursed artifacts, people that believe in such, eerie old tomes, etc.  Given the seasoned and up-and-comers that have agreed to be part of this project; it should be a hell of an anthology!  The list of participating authors is below (in no particular order).

John Everson
Adam P. Lewis
Tim Deal
Deborah LeBlanc
Steven Shrewsbury
Thomas A. Erb
Dean Harrison
Sheldon Higdon
Maurice Broaddus
Wrath James White
Mike Oliveri
Dora Machado
Michael Laimo
Jeff Strand

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