2012: A Look Ahead

There’s a lot going on this year, so I thought breaking down all the 2012 releases by quarter would be helpful. Remember, you can always keep up to date with past or future books in Published Works or what titles are currently available for purchase in the Storefront.

1st Quarter

Grave Intentions (novella)

For After Midnight, Cup O’ Tea Productions (audio book)

2nd Quarter

The Fields, Cup O’ Tea Productions (audio book)

Cadence In Decay (Editor), MHB Press (UK) (Anthology)

3rd Quarter

‘The K-Club’, part of These Hallowed Halls (by Mike Oliveri, Gord Rollo & Ty Schwamberger), MHB Press (UK) (novella collection)

DININ’, Bad Moon Books (novella)

‘Urban Monsoon’, Morpheus Tales Magazine (UK), Issue #17 (short story)

4th Quarter

House Call, Little Oak Film Group (feature length film)

House Call (novella)

Lonely Nights, Dark Hall Press, an imprint of New Street Communications (novella)

Note: There are some other tentative projects, but I can’t talk about them quite yet.


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