Bartender, Please – Now Available! (Updated)

‘Bartender, Please’ is based upon the novella “Last Night Out” contained in the 3-novella collection Twisted Tales from the Torchlight Inn (Schwamberger, Erb, Harrison – January 2011). This tale is a “what happens next” to the still-living characters in the aforementioned novella.
Reader’s beware: This story is icky, bloody and brutal.

In other words…you’ll love it!

Click here to download this short-short story to your Kindle for only .99 cents!

(Author’s note: You don’t need to read the novella to enjoy this story, but it will help you understand the character’s situation a bit more.)
Update: From 2/29 – 3/4 you’ll be able to download to your Kindle for FREE!

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