House Call (the movie) — Now Available!

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House Call (the movie) from Little Oak Film Group is now available to purchase on DVD. House Call was adapted for the screen by Shannon Casto from the novella by Ty Schwamberger. The film was directed by Michelle Henderson, and stars Texas horror great Parrish Randall, James McCreight, Bill DuBois, Joe Grisaffi, and introducing Rachel Paul and Vincent Galyean. Below is the synopsis.

Mariam thought it was going to be a weekend of relaxation. She had her little brother to take care of, but knew that wouldn’t be a problem. That all changed when Vince got sick and Mariam had no other choice but to call the family doctor to make a house call.

John and Nick decide it’s a perfect night to burglarize a house. They stake out the place and are delighted to find the only people inside are two kids – an easy in-and-out job.

Or so they thought.

What ensues is a battle between the kids that are home alone and the two bad men.

Little do any of them know someone else plans to make a house call of their own.

Visit YouTube to watch the movie trailer and here to check out production stills, cast & crew, and everything else related to this ultra-cool horror flick.

You can purchase your very own copy on DVD via Amazon.


Newspaper Interview

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I was recently interviewed by April K. Helms of Record Publishing. Record Pub operates more than 14 publications and serves over 175,000 households in the northeastern Ohio area, primarily through paper and digital news. April asked me all sorts of questions; about writing in general, my work and my goals for the future.

If you live in NE Ohio you can pick up a copy wherever newspapers are sold or read one of the online editions here.

New Magazine, New Column



BIRMINGHAM, UK, June 10, 2013 – Short, Scary Tales Publications (SST Publications) Owner, Paul Fry is very pleased to announce that author and editor, Ty Schwamberger, has joined Beware the Dark magazine as a regular columnist, effective immediately. In welcoming Ty to the team Paul stated: “Ty is an excellent writer and will bring a great deal of talent and experience to his column. He’s a great addition to the magazine and I’m really excited to see what he comes up with!”

About Ty: “Ty Schwamberger is a growing force within the horror genre. He is the author of a novel, multiple novellas, collections and editor on several anthologies. In addition, he’s had many short stories published online and in print. Two stories, “Cake Batter” (released in 2010) and “House Call” (coming early 2013), have been optioned for film adaptation. He is an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association.”

Ty says: “I’m very excited about hosting the new column “The Dark Spot” in Beware the Dark magazine. The column will feature advice for aspiring authors, interviews with some of your favorite writers, as well as general discussions about the state of the horror genre. I think it’ll be fun to host and for you, the horror fan, to read. Hope you stick around for some bloody good times. See you deep inside the dark spot!”

SST Publications are an independent publisher focusing on publishing the best in horror and erotic horror fiction. We have published several books; our first title, Cold Storage included an introduction by legendary author Graham Masterton. Our most recent books include the erotic horror anthology Peep Show, Volume 2 and the debut dark, thriller novel Don’t Stand So Close by screenwriter/director Eric Red. We also published the classic erotic horror magazine Peep Show, and have recently launched our new horror fiction & dark art magazine Beware the Dark, which is a full-size (8.5 x 11 in), full-color interior, high-quality produced mag of between 60-90 pages bringing you the best dark and disturbing fiction and artwork. We publish our titles in multiple formats and they are distributed worldwide by Ingram, the world’s largest book distributor.

The Killing Club

The Killing Club_ebook cover

Various eBook editions of The Killing Club from Crossroads Press are now available.


Kristen always wanted to be part of the “in crowd.” Her social worries intensified after transferring from a small, public school to private, upscale Smithshire Academy in the middle of her high school career. She wanted so badly to be part of the social network in her new school, she didn’t think twice when one of the existing members of the popular girl’s group, The K-Club, invited her over one night for a sleepover. Where all the girls whose names started with the letter “K” are going to be. Kristen’s self-doubt allows her to be pulled into the group on one condition…

She must first go through the initiation process that the other girls have set forth before her.

What ensues is a group of popular high school girls practicing in the occult, Kristen going over to a stranger’s house to “scare” them and sacrifices to secure Kristen’s spot in high school legend.

Will all Kristen’s work be enough to appease the girls of The Killing Club and the great God of high school popularity to let her into the group?

The extent of blood that Kristen wishes to get on her hands will hold the answer.

You can watch the book trailer on YouTube. Then visit one of the below links to purchase this 25k word novella for your eReader. 

Amazon (Kindle)

Barnes & Noble (Nook)