The Killing Club

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Various eBook editions of The Killing Club from Crossroads Press are now available.


Kristen always wanted to be part of the “in crowd.” Her social worries intensified after transferring from a small, public school to private, upscale Smithshire Academy in the middle of her high school career. She wanted so badly to be part of the social network in her new school, she didn’t think twice when one of the existing members of the popular girl’s group, The K-Club, invited her over one night for a sleepover. Where all the girls whose names started with the letter “K” are going to be. Kristen’s self-doubt allows her to be pulled into the group on one condition…

She must first go through the initiation process that the other girls have set forth before her.

What ensues is a group of popular high school girls practicing in the occult, Kristen going over to a stranger’s house to “scare” them and sacrifices to secure Kristen’s spot in high school legend.

Will all Kristen’s work be enough to appease the girls of The Killing Club and the great God of high school popularity to let her into the group?

The extent of blood that Kristen wishes to get on her hands will hold the answer.

You can watch the book trailer on YouTube. Then visit one of the below links to purchase this 25k word novella for your eReader. 

Amazon (Kindle)

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Get Twisted…some more!

Twisted Tales from the Torchlight Inn, is a 3-novella collection by Thomas A. Erb, Dean Harrison and Myself.  It contains the novellas: ‘Tones of Home’ (Erb), ‘Off Limits’ (Harrison) & ‘Last Night Out’ (Myself).  The Trade Paperback was released in January of this year, followed by the ebook (Kindle & Nook) a few months after.

Tom, Dean & Myself are now happy to announce that the price of the ebooks for Kindle & Nook have been reduced to a reasonable $2.99!

Fell Beasts – Ebooks Now Available

Fell Beasts is now available in ebook format via Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Table of Contents:

Spelunking by R. Scott McCoy

The Whispers in the Cage by Timothy Moore

Samuel by Jason Sizemore

Excitable Boy by Thomas A. Erb

On Fine Feathered Wings by Gord Rollo

In Darker Waters by Robert Ford

Night Shift at Hotel Mara by Dean Harrison

Sandwalkers by Michael West

Splinters by Adam P. Lewis

There Goes the Neighborhood (Holiday Version/Extended Cutting) by Brady Allen

Yellow by John Everson