“Doar o bere-n plus?” (One Brew Too Many?)

Revista de Suspans_Sept2013

Revista de suspans is a Romanian horror zine. The September issue (#12) features the Romanian translation (by Dan Butuza) of “One Brew Too Many?” which originally appeared in my short story collection, For After Midnight. There is also an interview of me by Mircea Pricajan. Below are the links to both the story and interview in Romanian and English.

“Doar o bere-n plus?”

“One Brew Too Many?”

Interview in Romanian

Interview in English


New Magazine, New Column



BIRMINGHAM, UK, June 10, 2013 – Short, Scary Tales Publications (SST Publications) Owner, Paul Fry is very pleased to announce that author and editor, Ty Schwamberger, has joined Beware the Dark magazine as a regular columnist, effective immediately. In welcoming Ty to the team Paul stated: “Ty is an excellent writer and will bring a great deal of talent and experience to his column. He’s a great addition to the magazine and I’m really excited to see what he comes up with!”

About Ty: “Ty Schwamberger is a growing force within the horror genre. He is the author of a novel, multiple novellas, collections and editor on several anthologies. In addition, he’s had many short stories published online and in print. Two stories, “Cake Batter” (released in 2010) and “House Call” (coming early 2013), have been optioned for film adaptation. He is an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association.”

Ty says: “I’m very excited about hosting the new column “The Dark Spot” in Beware the Dark magazine. The column will feature advice for aspiring authors, interviews with some of your favorite writers, as well as general discussions about the state of the horror genre. I think it’ll be fun to host and for you, the horror fan, to read. Hope you stick around for some bloody good times. See you deep inside the dark spot!”

SST Publications are an independent publisher focusing on publishing the best in horror and erotic horror fiction. We have published several books; our first title, Cold Storage included an introduction by legendary author Graham Masterton. Our most recent books include the erotic horror anthology Peep Show, Volume 2 and the debut dark, thriller novel Don’t Stand So Close by screenwriter/director Eric Red. We also published the classic erotic horror magazine Peep Show, and have recently launched our new horror fiction & dark art magazine Beware the Dark, which is a full-size (8.5 x 11 in), full-color interior, high-quality produced mag of between 60-90 pages bringing you the best dark and disturbing fiction and artwork. We publish our titles in multiple formats and they are distributed worldwide by Ingram, the world’s largest book distributor.

Two Men, A Rat, And A Lady

Tales of Obscenity #1_6x9size

Announced here, you can now pre-order the limited hardcover of Tales of Obscenity #1 magazine. Click on the link to check out the full table of contents; which includes a review of DININ’ by Sheri White, an interview of me by John Everson, an article co-written with my fiancé, Sheryl Scanlon, and my 10k novelette, “Two Men, A Rat, And A Lady”. Below is a description of the story.

Steve and Marc are two men with nothing much going on in their lives. They work little, live in a rat-infested apartment, sponge off the government and enjoy the simple things in life: booze, cigarettes and women. It’s on one lonely night they decide to take their wasted lifestyle to the next level… by calling Miss. Jena’s Escort Service.

Deanna is a smart, good looking and goal driven lady, but works in a terrible profession. If she makes it through one last night, she’ll have enough money to retire from the lifestyle she’s never quite become accustomed… If life was only that simple.

What ensues is a night full of debauchery and torture. Will Deanna have the inner-strength to make it out of the trashed apartment alive or will the two men and a filthy rat reign supreme?

Only time and one of the men’s conscience holds the answer.

You can still Pre-Order the Limited Hardcover or here to order the paper edition.

Tales of Obscenity #1 — Limited Hardcover

Tales of Obscenity #1_6x9size

Tales of Obscenity #1: The Magazine of Horror and Erotic Horror

“In Remembrance” by Jennifer Loring
“First Love” by Angeline Hawkes
“Two Men, A Rat, And A Lady” (10k word novelette) by Ty Schwamberger
“Sacrificing Virgins” by John Everson
“Obsession” by Jeremy Terry
“Daddy’s Got You” by M.R. Gott
“The Way I Love You” by Christopher Fulbright
“Alan and Christine” by J. F. Gonzalez

Story Illustrations & Artwork
Luke Spooner
Alan M. Clark
Allen Koszowski
Mike Mabrey
Daniele Serra
Vince Natale

Cover Artist Mini Gallery: David Ho
An Interview with Ty Schwamberger by John Everson
Article: “Opposites Attract: Different Opinions of Sex in Horror” by Ty Schwamberger & Sheryl Scanlon
Reviews by Vi Reaper, Ben Macnair & Sheri White (Review of DININ’ by Ty Schwamberger)

Title Details
RRP Price: £29.95 (Signed & Numbered Edition) / £49.95 (Signed & Lettered Edition)
Publisher: Short, Scary Tales Publications
Release Date: 2013 (Estimated publication date: August 2013)
8.5″ x 11″
Full-colour Interior
Pages: 88 + limitation page

The pre-order window lasts 60 days and will close on May 22nd 2013. The print run for the Special Limited Signed & Numbered Edition will then be set and no more copies can be ordered. So make sure you order your copy today! Don’t leave it in case you forget and miss the pre-order window!

Please Note: The Signed & Lettered Edition is limited to only 52 copies and once they’re gone, they’re gone! If you’d like one of these very collectable editions please make sure you order now before they sell out.

People who pre-order the Limited Edition Hardcovers will be the first to hear about (and be able to order) any other issues we publish.

The Hardcover Special Limited Signed & Numbered Edition is signed & numbered by the editor and will feature exclusive original artwork by Luke Spooner on the limitation page created especially just for this edition, and will never appear anywhere else. These copies are available for only £29.95 with FREE worldwide shipping!

The Hardcover Special Limited Signed & Lettered Edition is signed & lettered by the editor and available in only 52 copies. This edition will also feature exclusive original artwork by Luke Spooner (different from the numbered edition) on the limitation page created especially just for this lettered edition, and will also never appear anywhere else. These copies are available for only £49.95 with FREE worldwide shipping!

Both of these very collectable hardcover editions will be printed in FULL COLOUR throughout and will feature exclusive original artwork on the limitation page. The books are case laminate, which is basically a hardcover book without a dust jacket. The cover artwork is printed directly onto the hardcover case. They will be printed using Premium Colour high-quality printing on 70#, 378 PPI White paper, as opposed to the Standard Colour printing of the magazine which is printed on 50#, 512 PPI White paper. So the paper stock for the hardcover editions is thicker and better quality and the interior full colour printing quality is much superior. The magazine print and production quality is excellent but the quality of the hardcovers will be much, much higher!

PLEASE NOTE: Copies are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. You are very welcome to request a specific number or letter and we will try our best to accommodate. We’re sorry but we cannot guarantee to allocate the copy/copies you ask for.

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