Mut antrinken

Liquid Courage_German

“Mut antrinken” is the German translation of “Liquid Courage”. This short story was originally published in English by Shroud Magazine, Issue #9, August 2010. It was reprinted in For After Midnight, October 2011, then again in the Kindle eBook “Liquid Courage”, December 2012. I’ve heard some say this particular tale is their favorite short story of mine.


“Mut antrinken” is a 7,500 word short story about a man trying to get over a bad breakup with his girlfriend.

Chris is going through a lot of internal strife and is looking for a way out. He even ponders committing suicide… until his friend comes up missing.

Shortly after the disappearance, Chris starts receiving notes containing clues to his friend’s whereabouts.

In the end, Chris’ friend isn’t the only one who needs saving.

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Liquid Courage

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