Cake Batter Promo Items – Now On Sale!

Now on sale are t-shirts and a coffee mug to promote the 25-minute short film, Cake Batter.  The film is based on a short story of mine and was adapted and filmed by Shadetree Films.  If you haven’t seen the 1-minute trailer to the film yet, you really should.  The film should be released on DVD within the coming months.

The t-shirt and coffee mug will sport the same design as the DVD’s cover, as shown above.

Click here to view and buy the Cake Batter T-shirt

Click here to view and buy the Cake Batter Coffee Mug

A few items of interest…

An annoucement will be coming in the next few days that may be of interest to you regarding some promotional items that will be on sale for the film, Cake Batter.

as well as…

A new contest will finally start again in the next week or two.  Because of the length between contests, I’m making sure this one is a BIG one.  The value of the prize will be well over $200.00.  This item is horror related but not a book.  

Check back soon for details on both things!

Cake Batter Trailer

You’ve been waiting patiently and the time has finally come to check out the trailer of the short film, Cake Batter.  The original short story was written by me and adapted into a screenplay and filmed by Warren Provencal of Shadetree Films.   The DVD (which will contain extra features, a bonus film and more) will be available for Pre-Order on 1/11/10.  Enjoy!

Cake Batter Trailer

Update (1/9/10): The original Pre-Order date of the film has been put on hold for now.  Shadetree Films and I are currently in talks with a company to distribute the film and therefore cannot self-distribute until the meeting(s) have come to a conclusion.  As always, I’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on.

A Word From Shadetree Films on Cake Batter

Warren Provencal with Shadetree Films wanted me to give you all the latest update on Cake Batter.

Sorry (everyone) that its been a while, but with the holidays and all things slowed down a bit.  Now that we are in between holidays I have gotten Cake Batter most of the way there.  I have been working on a trailer but I just didnt think that it was doing the story quite right.  So I have backtracked slightly on it but the new concept will be entertaining in its own right.  Our principle “Kristin Deyling”  (aka Mary) will be coming in to do a voice over for it on Friday December 11th.  The new trailer is most of the way there so I expect to have it to you (everyone) early next week.

An Update On Cake Batter From Shadetree Films

Warren Provencal with Shadetree Films originally posted the below comment here, but I thought it deserved its own post to highlight what’s happening on his end.

Warren said:

So Cake Batter wrapped principle photography 2 weekends ago and is now in to editing.

We had a good friend of mine do some documentary work on the project and it is looking good as well.

I promised Ty I would have a trailer for everyone to see a.s.a.p. and I will. So stay tuned for that!

Editing is coming along well. We are about 3/4 of the way through to a directors cut. Sound and Music are also coming along well.

You heard it folks…stay turned cause we’ll getting close!

Cake Batter goes into Production

My short story, ‘Cake Batter’ that was optioned for a short film by Shadetree Films will go into Production this coming weekend.  Rehersal is set for the actors/actress tonight and then the film will be shot at two different locations over the next two weekends. 

I’ll of course keep you updated, especially when the filming and editing are completed and when/where you can buy the film on DVD.

Update on Cake Batter

I was recently informed by Warren Provencal of Shadetree Films that the male role for the film adaptation of my short story ‘Cake Batter’ has fallen through.  In addition, one of the settings isn’t as concrete any longer either.  So, if you are in the Akron/Cleveland (Ohio) area (or anywhere if you’re willing to drive) and are interested in being cast as a male role or have a house (only in the Akron/Cleveland area) that Warren could use, feel free to hit him up at with an appropriate subject line.

Below is some more information on the two items.

Samuel Guthwright; early 30’s finance professional.. Husband to Mary Guthwright; he is a hard workingman with loads of potential. He is moving up in the company but with is comes the long nights at work. The situation is weighing in heavy with Mary. He is confident he is next in line for promotion and digs in deep making every workday count.

Looking for an open layout that can accommodate lighting and long (distant) shots. Hopefully some where on a quiet street so when we shoot the end there will be very little traffic.

On The Lookout…

The open casting call on Saturday went well for the film adaptation of my short story ‘Cake Batter’.  Although, Warren with Shadetree Films would still like some more people to audition for one of the three roles.

So if you’re interested in trying out, grab Warren’s email address off the casting call link above and let him know.

Short Film Update

I mentioned here that one of my short stories, ‘Cake Batter’ was optioned for a short film by Shadetree Films.

In the past day I have spoken with Warren Provencal, Owner and Director of Shadetree, and he informed me that he and his crew are ready to begin filming in the coming weeks.

There will also be an open casting call for the three roles (husband, wife and secretary), at which time I will provide the link so you can read about what he is looking for and how to go about contacting him to arrange a time for an audition.

Update: An open casting call will be held this Saturday, August 15th from 3 to 7pm in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  Click here to read the entire casting call and what Warren is looking for in each role.

Short Story Optioned for Film

My yet-to-be-published short story (part of my short story collection that is being considered by a publisher), ‘Cake Batter’, has been optioned for a short film by Shadetree Films.  This is the same film company that made the Night School Book Trailer.  You can view Shadetree’s work by checking out their You Tube and Vimeo sites.

The already finished screenplay (I’ve read it and it turned out great) was written by Warren Provencal, Owner and Director of Shadetree.

Though, Warren has yet to inform me on how long the film will be, I would imagine it will run around 10 to 15 minutes.  The film will be posted online and will be shown at various independent film festivals.  Warren also plans on making the film available for purchase on DVD, as well. 

As I mentioned, the screenplay has been completed and the film is officially in Pre-Production.  Casting will begin soon for the three roles (a husband, wife and secretary).

You might be wondering what ‘Cake Batter’ is all about.  Since this short story is really short (only 2,100 words – definitely the shortest of all my stories), I can’t give much away, only to tell you that it is about a ‘cheating husband’.

I’ll update you as the project moves forward.