Novella project update & a new project annoucement

As you know, I have been working with Misty Gersely & Adam Lewis to produce three different novellas based on a common theme of ‘a doctor makes a house call’.  Adam and my novellas have been completed for some time and Misty’s will be done by mid-October.  At which point the entire manuscript will be sent to another author (who you’ll know by name, but I can’t mention who he is quite yet) for review and to write an introduction for the future book.  At that time, we will decide who to send the manuscript to for possible publication.

Now, onto something new…

Tom Erb, Dean Harrison (two great friends and talented up-and-comers) and I have decided to do a similiar project, as well.  Though the theme has yet to be decided, I wanted to tell you that it will also be a total of 3 novellas, based on a common theme, where each of us takes the storyline in our individual stories in our own creative way.  Should be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it!  More to come as the project develops.


Suspense Magazine to publish novelette

Now you’ll have three months in a row with new stuff from me to read (my short ‘The Ringmaster’ will come out next month in Orion’s Child Magazine).

John Raab, the editor at Suspense Magazine, has informed me that my novelette (about 13k words), ‘All in the Line of Duty’, has been accepted for publication as a serialized story and will run in their November & December 2009 issues.  I don’t want to give too much away, but the story is essentially about a cop making a deal with the Devil to bring his freshly slain family back to life so he can see them one last time.  Very Edward Lee-ish, if I had to classify it.

More details will be released once available.

Update on Cake Batter

I was recently informed by Warren Provencal of Shadetree Films that the male role for the film adaptation of my short story ‘Cake Batter’ has fallen through.  In addition, one of the settings isn’t as concrete any longer either.  So, if you are in the Akron/Cleveland (Ohio) area (or anywhere if you’re willing to drive) and are interested in being cast as a male role or have a house (only in the Akron/Cleveland area) that Warren could use, feel free to hit him up at with an appropriate subject line.

Below is some more information on the two items.

Samuel Guthwright; early 30’s finance professional.. Husband to Mary Guthwright; he is a hard workingman with loads of potential. He is moving up in the company but with is comes the long nights at work. The situation is weighing in heavy with Mary. He is confident he is next in line for promotion and digs in deep making every workday count.

Looking for an open layout that can accommodate lighting and long (distant) shots. Hopefully some where on a quiet street so when we shoot the end there will be very little traffic.


As you can tell, website updates have been scarce as of late.  Among other reasons, this is because I have started a new part-time job over the past week and it’s on third shift.  As you can imagine, this doesn’t exactly leave me with much awake and/or normal brain wave functioning time to do much on here.  Nonetheless, there have been some things going on over the past week or so that I wanted to update you on.  So here you go…

This website, in less than a year, has over 10K hits!  Thank You!

‘Cake Batter’ film will go into production in the next two weeks.

I”m still pitching movie ideas to a major film studio (obviously I can’t tell you which one right now)

Received a positive response from one publisher on my short story collection – hopefully there will be more information coming soon!

There will be new contests on both this site and my Facebook Fan Club site at the end of the month (there will be plenty of books to win – from my personal collection)

I’m nearing a deal with a magazine on writing a serialized story

Short story, ‘The Ringmaster’ will be the featured story on Orion’s Child Magazine in October – which will be Free to read and I will provide a link once available.


That’s it for now…hang in there folks…there’s some exciting stuff in the works!

10 Tips For Writing Good Horror

I get a lot of questions on what it takes to write a good piece of horror fiction. 

I found the following short list on the Horror Factor that I believe sums it up nicely.

Top Ten Tips For Writing Good Horror Fiction

From Me, To You

I mentioned here that I was going to write a story specifically for you, my fans, for your dedication for reading my work and coming back to this site over and over again.  Originally, I was going to wait until the ticker at the bottom read 10,000 visitors, but I think 9,800+ is plenty close enough.

So without further ado, here it is…my 3,300 word short story (I did a little experiment with a different kind of format of the story itself…hopefully it works – you’ll see what I mean soon enough), ‘The Legend of Johnston’s Creek’.

Thanks again for all your support!


Marcon 45 in 2010

I was recently invited (by the same people that put on Context 22 that I was just at last weekend) to be an author guest at Marcon 45.  The fantasy/science fiction/horror convention will be held on Memorial Day weekend in 2010 (May 28 – 30th).  The theme of Marcon 45 will be ‘A Year of Horror’.

More details will follow as the event gets closer!