What’s Going On…

I know it’s been quiet here the past week, but rest assured things are still happening behind the scenes.  Lots of things.  Below is what’s currently going on.

–    Finished editing and turned in a 10k story for a yet-to-be-announced anthology

–    Currently doing edits on DININ’  – my novella that’s set to come out early next year from Bad Moon Books

–    (Here is yet another teaser) Continuing to work with a certain UK publisher on a multi-book deal (I promise the announcement will come soon)

–    Currently in talks with a small film production company about them optioning a story of mine

–    Will be offering up the second book for the 3rd Annual Richard Laymon Book Contest in the next few weeks (but this time it will only be for members of my fan page on Facebook – the link is to your right)

–    Mid-July I will start writing, Taxi Ride, my post-apocalyptic novella for Severed Press that’s due out at the end of this year

–    My zombie novella, The Fields, is now set to come out late this summer from The Zombie Feed, an imprint of Apex Publications

As you can see, just because it’s been relatively quiet on here doesn’t mean things aren’t happening.  Hold onto your seats and start saving your pennies now cause it’s going to get wild very very soon.


Online Serial Short Story – Part II

The next installment of ‘The Panther, the Lion, and the Wolf’ has been posted on Orion’s Child Magazine.  As mentioned before, this is a zombie tale that’s co-written with Penny Mason.

Click here to read Part II – ‘The Lion’.  Or here if you didn’t read the first part.  The third and final part – ‘The Wolf’ – will come out in the next month or so.  Enjoy.

Help An Alien Out!

As you know, The Zombie Feed an imprint of Apex Publications, is putting out my forthcoming zombie novella – The Fields.  Apex is a great small press that’s putting out some quality stuff by some great names (and I’m greatful to be in their company).  Apex is run by Jason Sizemore, a good friend with an aptitude for the business that I dig very much.  So when I saw this morning that Apex is about to land a distribution deal I knew I had to join the cause.  Now, check out below and do your part to help out a fellow alien head…and zombie lover.

We’ve got some exciting stuff going on behind the scenes. We’re close to signing a contract for major national and international book distribution. Once that contract has been signed by both parties, we’ll have a press release to share.

In the meantime, we’re preparing our book printing ramp up and expansion. This fiscal requirement goes above and beyond our normal business operations and normally, I wouldn’t be opposed to that. In this instance, however, the issue is time. The distributor is anxious to get Apex out on the market. To do that, I need to come up with the initial investment for a full-scale run. So I’m trying out a Kickstarter clone called Peerbackers. Any funds raised by Peerbackers will supplement the additional business loans I’m taking to cover the new production costs.

Peerbackers works like Kickstarter. You pledge X amount of dollars based on different milestone amounts. You’re not charged for your pledge unless we reach a certain percentage of our goal. If we make our goal, you receive a reward based on the amount pledged.

Here is the link to our Peerbackers project: http://peerbackers.com/projects/apex-joins-the-big-leagues/home/

Pledges begin at an affordable $10 and goes up to $1000 (where you receive, among other things, a lifetime subscription to Apex Books!).

We hope you decide to pledge. All you need is either a Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal account. Your support now will go a long way to ensuring our venture into national distribution becomes a monumental moment for our genre!

Video Blog II – A Reading

I just posted a new video blog on my YouTube channel.  This time I read a few chapters from my novella ‘Last Night Out’ that’s contained in Twisted Tales from the Torchlight Inn. 

You can watch the video here (note: the video is broken down into four parts).  Then head over to the Storefront and order a copy.

3rd Annual Richard Laymon Book Contest

As many of you know, the massive and incredibly awesome work of Richard Laymon is what inspired me to start writing.  Because of this, two years ago I started what has now become an annual event – The Richard Laymon Book Contest.  You can read about the origins of the contest here.  Now it’s back for a third go-round.  As always, many thanks to Ann Laymon, who graciously donated what you’ll see up for grabs…  And now, I bring you the first book that you can enter to win during 2011.

The Woods Are Dark

Publisher: Cemetery Dance

Pub Date: August 2008

The Woods Are Dark (The Original, Uncut Version)
by Richard Laymon

Featuring a special introduction by Kelly Laymon explaining the history of the manuscript, how this version came to exist, and why this edition is more than just 50 pages of deleted scenes added back in, but instead a totally different novel you’ve never read before!

About the Novel:
Neala and her friend Sherri only wanted to do a little backpacking through the woods. Little did they know they would soon be shackled to a dead tree, waiting for Them to arrive. The Dills family thought the small motor lodge in the quiet town of Barlow seemed quaint and harmless enough. Until they, too, found themselves shackled to trees in the middle of the night, while They approached, hungry for human flesh….

When this classic novel was first published in 1981, it was heavily cut, with nearly fifty pages removed. What remained was rewritten by both Laymon and a Warner Books line editor. Now, for the first time ever, the missing text has been completely restored—along with Laymon’s original words and vision—and the novel can finally be read the way it was intended.

This Trade Hardcover edition was originally priced at $40.00 back in 2008, but now is your chance to get it for free.

How to enter:

Leave a Comment under THIS Post.  Your entry must be received by Midnight on June 17th.  One lucky person will then be chosen at random from all entries and the winner’s name posted on June 20th.  Please, only one entry per person.

Good Luck!