March Plug #2 — Adrian Ludens

Bedtime Stories Pic
Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles by Adrian Ludens
Nineteen tales of horror, mystery, supernatural suspense, and the weird West. 
A horde of insects invade one unfortunate man’s stomach and make it their home, a blind woman guards a cavern full of Civil War-era zombies, and a troubled teen digs up her father’s corpse, hoping to obtain closure. Visit a macabre secret museum where taxidermy and classic literature combine, discover the lengths one desperate mortuary assistant will go to for love, and learn why Jack McCall really killed Wild Bill Hickcok. 
“Adrian Ludens…will scare the hell outta you in Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles. I highly recommend anything Ludens writes!” -Ty Schwamberger (The Fields, Deep Dark Woods). 
“Understated, wistful, and somewhat sad. Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles was a creepy pleasant surprise, and I am looking forward to seeing more of his work. -K. H. Vaughan, Hellnotes
“This collection whisked me back to late nights as a child reading ‘The October Country’ or ‘Skeleton Crew’ – wonderfully imagined, truly scary concepts brought to life through character and location.” -Harper Hull, Amazon
Adrian Ludens lives and works in the historic Black Hills of South Dakota. Magazine appearances include Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Woman’s World, Big Pulp and Over My Dead Body. Anthology appearances include Blood Lite III: Aftertaste, Slices of Flesh, Blood Rites, Zombie Kong, and The Mothman Files. For more information visit
Available in trade paperback and for Kindle.

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