March Plug #4 — Loren Rhoads

AsAbove pc

As Above, So Below by Loren Rhoads & Brian Thomas

When the succubus Lorelei sees the angel Azaziel from across the bar, she knows he’s been cast out of Heaven, but is not yet Fallen. She resolves to do whatever it takes to bring the angel down. When she trails him back to his lair in the warehouses outside of downtown Los Angeles, they seduce each other. Later, on the streets of L.A., they encounter Ashleigh Johnson, one of Azaziel’s mortal charges, dying of hepatitis in the street. The angel rescues Ashleigh’s soul from two harpies poised to devour it and uses it to possess Lorelei. Other angels don’t foresee any positive outcome to any of this. In their eyes, their brother has endangered a mortal soul and compromised his own standing in Heaven. When they intrude, Lorelei flees — taking Ashleigh Johnson along for the ride. In the process, Lorelei discovers that she has developed a soul of her own, a soul which is most certainly damned. Before long, her sister Floria tracks down a defrocked priest willing to exorcise Ashleigh’s mortal soul from Lorelei’s infernal flesh. The intimate little ritual swells into a virtual Who’s Who of Hell’s presence in L.A.
Loren Rhoads is the co-author, with Brian Thomas, of the new novel As Above, So Below.  The succubus Lorelei’s adventures have previously appeared in Sins of the Sirens (Dark Arts Books, 2008) and Demon Lovers (Ravenous, 2012). You can watch out for the new trouble Lorelei gets up to at
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March Plug #3 — David Owain Hughes


Walled In by David Owain Hughes


A weapon, designed ‘in the dark’ at an army barracks just outside of Cardiff, South Wales, has been unleashed. Intended for use against enemy troops, the chemical, comprising Bird Flu, Bovine Flu and Foot and Mouth, turns those affected into murderous lunatics for twenty-four hours before the body finally shuts down. Jeff, a mild-mannered air enthusiast, has just murdered his sick wife. He had planned for them to stay inside, to lock the place down, to wait it out. But Katherine became sick – the latest casualty of an unknown virus wiping the British population out in their thousands. TV, radio and all other means of contact to the outside world have gone. Jeff, alone, decides to make a break for the plane he has stationed at Cardiff airport. Between Jeff and freedom stands millions of infected. If only he can reach the hangar, then he’ll be safe. He’ll be able to fly to Scotland to reunite with his sister. Along the way, Jeff hooks up with Maria, who has been left stranded at the petrol station where she worked. They meet up with Ollie and Roxie – a pair of biker lovers who have survived the outbreak on the road. Together, their chances of survival are increased, as long as they can all just get along. It’s not just the infected they will have to dodge; a dark and depraved enemy is on their trail. A foe who might just hold the key to surviving in a country gone to hell.


David Owain Hughes is a writer of horror fiction who has recently started dabbling in horror journalism. He’s an editor/writer for Blood Magazine and has a few short stories in print. His first novel, Walled In, is was released earlier this year (2014), alongside his short story collection, White Walls and Straitjackets. After discovering the novel One Rainy Night by Richard Laymon many moons ago, he set out on a path to become the best writer he could. He also holds a BA and MA in Creative Writing, and hopes one day to write full-time.    

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March Plug #2 — Adrian Ludens

Bedtime Stories Pic
Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles by Adrian Ludens
Nineteen tales of horror, mystery, supernatural suspense, and the weird West. 
A horde of insects invade one unfortunate man’s stomach and make it their home, a blind woman guards a cavern full of Civil War-era zombies, and a troubled teen digs up her father’s corpse, hoping to obtain closure. Visit a macabre secret museum where taxidermy and classic literature combine, discover the lengths one desperate mortuary assistant will go to for love, and learn why Jack McCall really killed Wild Bill Hickcok. 
“Adrian Ludens…will scare the hell outta you in Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles. I highly recommend anything Ludens writes!” -Ty Schwamberger (The Fields, Deep Dark Woods). 
“Understated, wistful, and somewhat sad. Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles was a creepy pleasant surprise, and I am looking forward to seeing more of his work. -K. H. Vaughan, Hellnotes
“This collection whisked me back to late nights as a child reading ‘The October Country’ or ‘Skeleton Crew’ – wonderfully imagined, truly scary concepts brought to life through character and location.” -Harper Hull, Amazon
Adrian Ludens lives and works in the historic Black Hills of South Dakota. Magazine appearances include Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Woman’s World, Big Pulp and Over My Dead Body. Anthology appearances include Blood Lite III: Aftertaste, Slices of Flesh, Blood Rites, Zombie Kong, and The Mothman Files. For more information visit
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March Plug #1 — Dean Harrison


These Unquiet Bones by Dean Harrison


Trying to get behind the truth of her mother’s death, Amy Snow unleashes the skeletons lurking in the dark of her father’s closet, and learns a terrible, twisted truth about her family tree. Meanwhile, a man named Adam is on a mission to restore Paradise to its former glory. To accomplish this, he must find “The Lost One”, a girl he calls Eve, and sacrifice her to the god she betrayed the day a talking serpent slithered into the Garden of Eden.


Dean Harrison is a longtime fan of horror fiction. Though he has spent some time out in the “real world” working as a shoe salesman, a security guard, an investigator, a loss prevention detective and a journalist, he has consistently returned to what he loves doing most–writing horror fiction. His short stories can be found in the horror anthologies FEM-FANGS, FELL BEASTS,  RELICS & REMAINS and CHRISTMAS IN HELL. His debut novel is THESE UNQUIET BONES. More is to come.

Dean lives with his family in his hometown of Mobile, AL, a city rich in ghost stories.

Learn more about Dean and his work on his website.

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